Fu Yuantao, mother of a 12-year-old daughter born with cerebral palsy, has been carrying her child to hospital and school, rain or shine, for 10 years in Yuanling county, Hunan province, Hunan Today reported.The daughter, named Peng Haixin, is unable to walk and has to rely on others in her daily life. Since 2006, her parents have been taking her to different doctors, despite having to borrow of money and bear hunger and cold.By now, the parents have spent more than 500,000 yuan ($79,400) on Peng's medical treatment. To help Peng enjoy an equal education opportunity with her peers, Fu has carried her to school every day for almost six years.Love from her parents has encouraged Peng. She tried her best to walk on her own, despite frequent falls. She has also never missed one homework or exam.If I study harder, I will get a better job and buy my mom and dad a house, Peng said. When they get older, if I am not able to care for them, I will find them a housemaid.Qiu Weiyi contributed to this story. custom bar bracelet
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